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Horst Burbulla developed the first telescopic camera crane when shooting his movie 20 years ago. "When I did make my - one and only - film, I wanted a camera crane capable of getting all those great shots of the classic movies. My film is now history but, in making it, I developed something completely new: the telescopic camera crane. " says Horst Burbulla. the invention from those days has become almost a necessity of today's movie makers and television directors. The many films shot with technocrane include great movies like Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Matrix or Harry Potter.

At present the telescopic camera crane is an essential part of the film makers tool box. With its electronically driven leveling head, adjustable moveable weight carriage, and lightweight, extremely precise telescoping beam elements that allow camera movement during shots, the Technocrane has redefined the state-of-the-art in camera crane technology. The Technocrane holds the camera aloft and moves it on an arm that works much like a car antenna. Without it, complicated action scenes like those featured in the "Spider-Man" movies and last year's "Van Helsing" would not have been possible, said Richard Edlund, chairman of the Academy's Science and Technology Council.